Phoenix Adam has been commissioned by the Internal Drainage Board to review the existing water level management plan and produce an updated version with the target of achieving Natural England’s recommended water levels for the site. Phoenix Adam will produce a groundwater model of the site, calibrated to existing water level data. The efficacy of several water management solutions will be demonstrated and tested for robustness against future climate change.

This 13.5 hectare piece of land was declared a site of specific scientific interest in 1988. It is the best example of primary fen habitat in South Humberside and is particularly important for its invertebrate communities.

During the 1980s a major improvement scheme was undertaken in the vicinity to improve drainage to the River Idle. This involved upgrading existing ditches, adding underdrainage and the construction of Idle Stop pumping station which pumps water from the drains into the River Idle. As a result of the scheme, land in the catchment area has become much more suitable for agriculture. However, a side effect of the improved drainage is that Haxey Grange Fen has become drier, particularly during summer months, and Natural England is concerned that this is damaging the habitat.

The project will be delivered in early December 2015.