The upcoming six months present significant challenges, living costs are rising, food banks face record demand as low-income families look for help and furthermore, the NHS budget is being cut still further.

As a Green Party Candidate and if elected, I would bring forth a fresh, energetic perspective in to fairness, equality and the environment.

  • I didn’t want to have to choose between the Lib Dems and Labour on the ballot paper. I feel that  neither party truly represents me and my values and more.
  • I was thinking for a long time about standing for the Greens. Originally only as a paper candidate in one the Lib Dem wards in Chesterfield. Until I saw the Euro 2014 results.
  • In May 2014, the Greens attracted 1292 votes or 5% of the total vote share. This was done with almost no effort by the party in the Borough.




Reason 3 was the final thing that pushed me off the edge of that metaphorical cliff of indecision. As if the Greens can get 5% with very little effort. Just think what we can do with some effort! In addition to that only 5% is needed for a candidate to hold onto their £500 deposit. Which for a party like the Greens in which we lack the multi millionaire donors of the Conservatives or UKIP, every penny counts!