Construction Sector

We are water and environmental specialists with a wealth of experience in urban drainage design and strategic drainage planning. We provide the following consultancy services across England
(National Planning Policy Framework), Scotland (Scottish Planning Policy) and Wales
(Technical Advice Note 15);

Drainage Strategy Development

Strategic drainage design accounts for over half of our core business.  We have key insights into all aspects of the planning process, with a long history of development approval work from the ‘other side of the fence’ for Water Companies, Local Authority Planners and Environmental Regulators as well as the Developer side. This puts us in an excellent position to identify potential issues early and to make the whole approval process run smoother, saving time and money.


Sustainable Drainage Design

All staff at Phoenix Adam are keen advocates of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS). Our MD’s vision for SuDS is outlined in his recent article in The Environment magazine (see Publications).  We offer a SuDS design service which maximises the multiple benefits of managing surface water runoff using surface features.  Correctly designed a naturalistic surface water flow path improves biodiversity, enhances a sense of wellbeing for residents, reduces the urban heat island effect and adds real value to residential plots.


Flood Risk Assessment

We have industry leading flood risk assessment methodologies in place, developed largely from our strategic planning work for Water Companies and Local Authorities.  We deliver cost effective, high confidence flood risk assessments from the very simple to the most complex sites.


Flood Protection Strategies

Flood protection consultancy work forms almost half of our core business.  We have a long track record of flooding solution development in liaison with, and occasionally collaboration with, Environmental Regulators and Local Authorities. 


Other relevant services

We also offer the following consultancy services which may be relevant to your development;

  • Green roofs, Rain gardens, Rainwater harvesting,
  • Groundwater modelling using Groundwater Vistas software,
  • Maximise BREEAM credits for water and ecology
  • Micro Hydro-electricity generation

Construction Sector Projects