Local & Central Government Services

We work with Local Authorities and Central Government Agencies, including the Environment Agency, Natural England and Highways England, delivering a range of water & environmental consultancy services.

Phoenix Adam will work with your staff to develop the right solution, ranging from strategic planning scale to specific problem locations.

Surface Water Management Planning

We produce Surface Water Management Plans at all scales, from strategic to local level. We use cutting edge InfoWorks ICM computer modelling for hydrologic and hydraulic design for optimal strategy development. We assess overland flood routing, watercourse flow and piped drainage flow in integrated simulation.

Property Level Flooding Mitigation

We have completed Property Level Flood Mitigation surveys and assessment reports, including intervention measures specification and installation verification, now successfully protecting over 100 residential properties.

SSSI Wetland Management

We deliver Wetland Management Plans for Natural England and Internal Drainage Boards. These plans identify options for optimal habitat maintenance to preserve biodiversity.