Aquaboxes get to the very heart of a crisis

The Rotary Club in Bakewel are involved in The Aquabox Project, David Rawson came to talk to the Girl Guides on Tuesday 2 June about his work in Gambia.

David visits Gambia with his wife, twice a year, to see what’s happening with the aquaboxes that he sends over.

The aquabox is a large blue plastic box with a lid. It contains an AquaFilter which uses Micro-Filter technology to provide portable water to families at 1 litre per minute and larger models for the extended community using sub-micron filters that are capable of producing 5 Litre per minute.

The boxes are packed with 75 items of humanitarian aid. They desperately need items to put in the boxes to send over to Nepal and other areas needing humanitarian assistance.

Items they place in the boxes:

Essential - Strong plastic bucket.

For shelter - Tarpaulin ,Hammer&nails, screwdriver&screws, Strong folding knife, Garden wire and ties, clothes line, pegs, folding handtrowel, bungees, parcel tape, wind-up torch

Babies & Children - babygrows, pants, feeding cup, safety pins, paper, pencils, toys, tennis ball, Frisbee, cotton wool

Hygiene - soap, carbolic soap, sanitary pads, first aid items, hairbrush, toothpaste&brushes

Feeding - Large cooking pan, unbreakable plates, bowls mugs, serving spoons, can opener, scissors.

Please check out the website thankyou.