Bakewell Eco Town

Research Questions:

The project is being delivered using computer modelling (Infoworks ICM, Groundwater Vistas), detailed site survey and stakeholder interviews to answer the following research questions;

  • Can keeping surface water runoff on the surface solve urban flooding problems?
  • How do we practically achieve 100% surface water disconnection from the combined sewer network using Retro-fit SuDS and rainwater harvesting?
  • What are the multi-criteria costs and benefits of 100% SuDS uptake by retrofit?
  • What impact would this have on groundwater, ordinary watercourses and main rivers in terms of hydraulics and water quality?
  • What is the potential for high head / low flow micro-hydro using urban land drainage/sewer pipe surround ‘French drains’?
  • Can strategic SuDS / harvesting provide a viable potable water source? 

Above: Urban garden ponds as SuDS features


 The project is pure R&D for the benefit of the wider Water and Environmental Sector.  Our collaborative partners for this project are Severn Trent Water, The Environment Agency and Nottingham Trent University. 

We are using Bakewell as a pilot study town but the output aims to be relevant to any urban centre.

 Our research lead Dr Ewan Last wrote his PhD thesis on a similar Eco Town theme, ‘City Water Balance – A New Scoping Tool For Integrated Urban Water Management Options’. An abstract of Ewan’s thesis is included here

We will publish interim results of the Bakewell Eco Town project at key stages.  Keep an eye on our Publications page or sign up to our quarterly Newsletter to be kept up to date.

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Top: Bakewell Eco System

Top: Along the bank of the River Wye, Bakewell

Below: Water Butt