Land Drainage Micro Hydro

Research Questions:

The project is being delivered using computer modelling (Infoworks ICM, Groundwater Vistas), detailed site survey and stakeholder interviews to answer the following research questions;

  • Can sub-surface land drainage alone provide viable micro hydro electricity generation?


  • What is the potential for this technology across the Peak District National Park area?

Main Pic: Local interest in the project site work

Top: Phoenix Adam Ltd local water course monitoring

Above Left: Micro Hydro feed pipe construction

Above Right: Micro Hydro feed pipe laying from the high level intake chamber

 The project is pure R&D for the benefit of the wider Renewable Energy and Environmental Sector.  Our collaborative partners for this project are Nottingham Trent University and a private upland farm in the Peak District.  We also acknowledge the support of the Peak District National Park Authority and the Environment Agency for their guidance and advice during our successful planning application for the pilot installation.

The pilot installation was commissioned in December 2014.  An initial report into the first year performance will be published shortly. Keep an eye on our Publications page or sign up to our quarterly Newsletter to be kept up to date.

An initial report into the second part of the research question was completed by Nottingham Trent University in March 2014

Top Pic: Micro Hydro flow return to the watercourse

Bottom Pic: Local watercourse being monitored for impact

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Top Pic: Previous winter flood flow to be harnessed for electricity generation

Centred Pic: Local watercourse being monitored for potential impact 

Bottom Pic: Micro Hydro Turbine House designed to Peak Park aesthetic standards