Water Company Services

Urban drainage philosophy is evolving. Climate change predictions and recent serious flooding events are driving policy makers to legislate for more sustainable, resilient and adaptable solutions. Traditional ‘hard’ drainage engineering now forms just part of a toolkit of measures available to the 21st Century drainage engineer.

Phoenix Adam will work with you to develop the right solution, ranging from strategic planning scale to individual site level.

Urban Drainage Modelling

Hydrological and hydraulic modelling of urban drainage networks is our core business. Our senior staff pioneered modelling work in the 1980s using HR Wallingfords WASSP software. They have continuous modelling experience from those early days to the present and have remained ‘hands-on’ technical specialists, fully conversant with current InfoWorks ICM 1D and 2D modelling.

Strategic Drainage Catchment Planning

We produce Drainage Area Studies (DAS) and Asset Management Plans, focused on the complete piped drainage network and above ground catchment surface of a discrete town or city area.  Our team has completed over 100 individual DAS projects in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Flooding Solutions

We provide a complete Flooding Solution service from current needs analysis to final detailed solution. We identify all sources of flooding in initial analysis, not just from Water Company assets, and are experienced in delivering a multiple agency approach to solution development. We are enthusiastic advocates of Sustainable Drainage Solutions (SuDS) as the primary intervention measure and have designed numerous SuDS flood alleviation schemes for Water Companies in the UK and overseas.

Water Quality Solutions

As part of a 3-year Integrated Catchment Project, we provided drainage modelling services to simulate urban point discharges to river systems across the north west of England. This involved updating and upgrading over 100 discrete urban drainage network models comprising;

  • 1,781 Combined Sewer Overflow outfalls,
  • 97 Wastewater Treatment Works final effluent outfalls,
  • 2,645 Surface Water outfalls.

We developed a methodology, in conjunction with United Utilities, for upgrading their models from basic hydraulic to water quality standard.