Farming & Rural Services

Our Consultancy office is located in the heart of the Peak District and all our staff reside within the National Park boundary. We therefore have a good working knowledge of the water and environmental issues affecting farming and rural communities. 

Phoenix Adam will work with you to develop the right solution, ranging from strategic planning scale to specific issue solution development.

Land Drainage

We use cutting edge computer modelling to analyse any current Land Drainage problems you may have and how they may be impacted in the future by Climate Change. We work with you to develop resilient and adaptable solutions to provide effective land drainage, minimizing soil erosion and river water quality impact.

River Water Quality Impact

Using overland flow path mapping and rainfall simulation we can quantify diffuse pollution wash-off from your catchment area.  From this we assess the impact on River Water Quality. We work with you to develop mitigation measures such as vegetated/woodland strips and reedbeds.

Micro Hydro Electricity Generation

Many upland areas have potential to generate micro hydro electricity sufficient to power an entire farm or small rural community.  Working with Nottingham Trent University we have identified over 500 potential locations within the Peak District National Park alone based on the success of our pilot site.