Property Level Flood Protection


The Rotherham suburb of Aston suffered significant property flooding both internally and externally during extreme storm conditions in 2009. In response Rotherham MBC secured DEFRA funding to install property level flood protection in the area affected.  The Council appointed Phoenix Adam Ltd to undertake property level flood protection surveys for over 100 properties in the Aston area.

We provided the following services;

  • Expert flooding consultant representation at several public meetings,
  • Detailed site survey within each property boundary,
  • Face to face interviews with each resident to establish flooding mechanism and entry points,
  • Strategic overland flood route assessment,
  • Mitigation measures pre-install specification for each property,
  • Mitigation measures post-install inspection for each property.
  • A detailed Flood Risk Assessment and Property Level Protection Report on each property.


We used numerous data sources to establish a design flood level for each property, including eyewitness interview, previous strategic flood risk reports, 2D modelling studies.

Above: Potential water entry point survey


We proposed various flood protection measures for each property, such as:

  • Flood doors
  • Flood barriers
  • ‘Smart’ Air bricks
  • Sealing of cable entry points
  • Sealing of permeable brickwork
  • Non-return valves on above and below ground plumbing


At certain locations we were able to propose more strategic options by land-forming to direct flood water away from property. Low cost, high impact solutions were implemented simply by re-profiling grass verges.

We produced a two stage report for each property. The first stage was a pre-install survey report assessing flood risk from all sources and potential flood water entry points for internal flooding protection.  The second stage was a post-install report to confirm that the measures proposed had been installed properly and were working effectively to the resident’s satisfaction.

The initial project covering just 44 properties was delivered on time and within budget. We received positive feedback from Rotherham MBC who then extended the scope to include a further 57 properties in the same locality.

Above: 2009 Flooding in Aston

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