Kendal DAP

The Cumbrian town of Kendal was selected by United Utilities for inclusion in their Drainage Area Planning model update program. The project drivers were identified as;

  • Urban Flooding
  • Ground Water Infiltration issues at the Wastewater Treatment Works
  • New Development / Catchment Growth
  • Capital Scheme Progression

Above: The River Kent running through the town centre

Above: Model extents

We provided survey management and hydraulic modelling services. 

Two pre-existing models were available for the town but we confirmed these were not fit for the purpose for assessing the current drivers. We created a new model from amalgamation of the best wastewater and surface water network data available in the existing models. We extended the new model to include all available GIS sewer records data across the whole catchment. To improve model confidence we scoped and managed a full set of surveys, including;

  • Ancillary surveys (CSOs, Pumping Stations, Siphons).
  • Manhole & Connectivity Surveys
  • CCTV surveys
  • Impermeable Area surveys
  • Sewer Flow and Rainfall surveys

A 60 monitor flow survey was scoped and managed as part of the project. In addition 12 raingauges were installed across the catchment. We reviewed interim flow survey data weekly over a period of 11 weeks.  To maximise program efficiency we began the model verification process while the flow survey was still in the ground, using full period data to match whatever events were captured each week. This overlap process reduced the net program time taken to complete both flow survey and verification.

We delivered the project on time and within budget.

Above: Final Verification Graph Example